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Check out our free resume examples for common anzsco occupations like chef, cook, baker, welder fabricator, cafe or restaurant manager, software engineer, mechanical engineer, and many more. A strong resume accomplishes this by emphasising your accomplishments and providing a concise summary of your most valuable skills and experiences, just like the one shown here for illustration purposes.

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Why do I need career coaching?

To find your career direction, to develop confident and interpersonal skills, to maximise your potential, especially if you are an international student want to accelerate your career path after your graduation. The career coaching can benefit you at all stages of your studying and working live in Australia. Deciding whether career coaching is right for you! Have a question? Contact Us

At Ozlinks, we are specialists in Career Coaching especially for international students. We have helped many international students on education counselling onshore and offshore, course enrolment, skill assessment support, RPL services, resume writing. With this expertise, we are confident to delivery 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed. Have a question? Give us a call 03 9317 3397 or 0480 291 368

Every client’s needs are different, it is depending on your background and work experience. The 10 weeks coaching duration, 4 coaching sessions package will give you the taste of the potential results. Many clients will start with the 10 weeks coaching duration package and further add on additional coaching session as they continue to achieve their career goals. We coach on a case-by-case basis and during the coaching process you will discover of how many sessions will get you to where you want to be. Have a question? Contact Us

We will collect your personal, education and work information from you to create your resume, cover letters. We are 100% committed that the information which you provide to us will be treated in the strictest confidence. We will never share your information with third party for any reason, confidentiality guaranteed is central to the success of our business and your success in the coaching relationship. Click here for our Privacy Policy.

We work with you in your journey by start helping you to clarify your career direction, and desired outcomes, the initial assessment become the guiding framework, our coach will tailor the coaching sessions to help you achieve these.

We discuss the results you’re achieving in each coaching session, which allows us to change and adapt your coaching journey as we go. We also use feedback forms at the end of each coaching process to measure and monitor the success of each client’s case.